The model of supervision that I trained in is designed to enable the supervisor ot adapt to different therapeutic models, with the common focus being the relationship. In supervision this can mean the relationship between the supervisor and the supervisee, the relationship between the therapist and the client or the relationships between the client and their family and social network.

Often clients can seem stuck in the stories that they tell and by allowing ourselves to consider how we respond emotionally to each client we may prevent ourselves from becoming stuck in the box with the client and their particular stories.

In practice, this means that I might ask you about your emotional responses to the client or I might ask what you are experiencing now in the supervision. It may mean thinking about the things that you regularly find challenging in therapy (eg dealing with anger) and how this might affect your therapeutic responses.

My work as an integrative therapist means that I have many therapeutic and creative tools available to me. My aim will be to understand the way you work within your base model of therapy and to enable you to develop your understanding of, and ability to work with the relational aspects that are part of all therapy.

As with my work as a therapist, one of my priorities will be to enable you to feel welcomed and relaxed so that our work will be fruitful. In addition, I will aim to help you to feel supported in the work that you do so that you can be effective in your client work.