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New therapy room

By Teri Watkin, Aug 25 2016 12:23PM

At last I have moved into the new therapy room and it’s more than lived up to my hopes and expectations. It’s so light and airy as it has windows on three sides but at the same time it is private and not overlooked. There is a comfortable sitting area and an art-making area with lots of art materials as well as a sink for water and cleaning up needs and of course, lots of books. I love to have interesting things around, so as well as accessible shelves for art materials, there are high up shelves on which are displayed some of the things that I’ve gathered on my travels – shells, pine cones, interesting pieces of wood, seeds, bits of rock, fossils etc., as well as particularly favourite pieces of three-dimensional art made from some of the materials that are available for clients to use, and occasional client-made pieces that they have wanted me to keep.

The under floor heating is fab. It takes a while to heat the room up but once it is warm it keeps it’s heat for hours as it’s so well insulated. So I just have to make sure that I put the heating on as soon as I get up so that it’s snug and warm once I start working.

Now that I’ve finished the room (apart from a few finishing touches) I’ll at last have time to post on this blog more regularly.

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