Once you have made your image we will think about it together – I don’t presume to know what your image is about but we will play around with ideas as to what it might mean for you as an individual. In this way you will grow in understanding of yourself; what makes you tick, why you respond to people the way you do, how events in your life have affected you etc.


Art therapy sessions are usually one hour long as this allows time to make an image as well as time to talk.

art psychotherapy


Art therapy is a form of counselling or therapy that uses art as a means of communication. You don’t have to be good at art or have any experience at art – you just have to be willing to have a go. I provide a variety of basic art materials – from the more familiar paints, pastels, pencils and felt pens – to fabrics, clay, pieces of wood found on the beach, beads, feathers and shiny bits etc. You don’t have to make a decision at the outset to use art therapy, you can mix and match it with talking therapy as we seek to find what best helps you to express what you want to say.



art2 art1

These images were made in art therapy and are reproduced with the permission of the artists.



Image made using a picture cut from a magazine, paint and string



Image made using a variety of materials available in my studio/therapy room